Formed back in February `94 in Riga, Latvia, the band was formerly called CARRION and had an original group: Sergey - vocals, guitar; Herman - guitar; Sergey - bass; Kirill - drums.
Kirill soon was displaced by a new drummer Alex. CARRION had this line - up until August 94 then disbanded. No material was recorded at this time? and the real history of the band began only in September `95 when it was resurrected as NEGLECTED FIELDS by guit. Sergey.
N.F. first line - up consisted of 3 members from the original stuff plus a new drummer Karlis from SANCTIMONY, who took part in recording of the first and the only 4-track demo tape "SANSARA". The demo was produced and recorded in the neighbour country Estonia, at Townhall in Tallinn in May `96. The biggest inspirations of this demo was CYNIC, DEATH, ATHEIST, CARCASS and Mr. Al DI Meola.
In June N.F. drummer?s spot became vacant, and five people auditioned. Eric (also the drummer for HUSQVARN) then joined the band in July, but already in November he was kicked out due to Karlis return.
During the next 6 months guys developing ideas performed on their demo, and also playing many gigs in Baltic states. The biggest of them was ?Death comes? 6? in Vilnius, Lithuania, where N.F. played in front of more than 1500 people. The most famous concert partners of the band was THERION (Sweden) and GHOSTORM (Lithuania).
At the same time N.F. demo ?SANSARA? became ?Demo of the month? in Aardschock (Holland), Extrem (Germany) and also got many positive reviews in ?zines & mags all across the world. Owing to this and big promotional work the band has got about 7 offers to release debut album ?SYNTHINITY? recorded in June/August 97 in legendary Finnish Tico-Tico studio.
Soon after the record N.F. finally has signed a deal with British NEAT METAL records, the album is planned to be released somewhere in January-February 98.
2006-08-20 - Splenetic
1. Intro
2. The Spectator
3. Teufelswerk
4. Ov Snake
5. The Cosm, The Vacuum, The Wave
6. Splenetic/Confusion
7. For Those Beneath Me
8. Triplicity
9. Khert Neter
2000-01-01 - Mephisto Lettonica
1. Solar
2. The Spider's Kiss
3. Whatever That Tempts
4. Feral Garden
5. Presentiment (Instrumental)
6. The Human Abstract
7. Creaturesque
8. Once Carcass Is Cold...
9. Outro
1998-08-07 - Synthinity
1. Sphere's Rhapsody
2. Calm, Precious, Mad
3. Eschatological
4. Ephemerae
5. Sansara
6. Synthinity
7. Living Structures
8. These Fires Through...
9. Fairy (Instrumental)
10. Breathe (Prodigy cover)
Hell In Stereo
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